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habanasol - Accommodation in Apartments, and hotels in Cuba.
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Hotels in Havana

Vedado Area

CubaHotel Vedado
CubaHotel Riviera
CubaHotel Habana Libre Trip
CubaHotel Nacional

Miramar Area

CubaHotel Comodoro
CubaHotel Copacabana
CubaMarina Hemingway

Centro & Old Havana Area

CubaHotel Deauville
CubaHotel Ambos Mundos
CubaHotel Telegrafo

Hotel Inglaterra
CubaHotel Santa Isabel

CubaVilla Armonia, Tarara

Resorts in Varadero

CubaClub Kawama +
CubaClub Amigo Varadero+
CubaSol Sirenas Coral +

Villa Tortuga
CubaClub Arenas Blancas
CubaSol Palmeras
CubaMelia Varadero

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Contact Information Havana:

Eva Martínez

Address: 7ma Ave. # 4403, entre 44 y 7ma A. Miramar
Habana. Cuba.

Phone: (537) 2021075

Contact Information Toronto, Canada:

Henry Martinez. Manager

Sun Travel Inc.
3221 Wolfedale Road
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5C 1V8

Phone: 1 416 625 1765

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Travel Industry Council of Ontario. Registration # 50012511





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In order to pay by credit card you will receive via email a "Credit Card Payment Authorization Form". Print out, complete, and sign the Credit Card Payment Authorization Form and then fax or mail it to us. We do not take online credit card payments at present.

Payment by check: All payments can also be made by check made out to Sun Travel in Trust, in either US dollars or Canadian dollars, depending on what was agreed upon. US residents choosing to pay by check, must send a certified check or a money order.

Sun Travel can accept US-issued credit cards in order to pay for Cuba trips.

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Please check the loctaion you would like to find accommodation:

Hotel Deauville

Hotel Vedado
Hotel Comodoro
Hotel Riviera
Hotel Copacabana
Hotel Nacional

Marina Hemingway

Hotel Ambos Mundos

Tarara. Villa Armonia
Hotel Telégrafo
Hotel Inglaterra

Hotel Santa Isabel

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